Ploganox is the god of Justice and Law.

Early Life

Ploganox was born into a very poor family. His father was a drunk and a gambler who often would beat his mother. As a child Ploganox wanted nothing but to be the man his father was not, he vowed to live a life of honor and glory. He began working for the church of Darvelvein, who at the time was seen as a shining beacon of hope in the world. Ploganox eventually rose to the rank of Paladin and was seen by the community to be one of darelveins chosen.

The Great Fall

In 1406 The god Darelvein turned n the world. Many believe he had grown fed up with a world so hellbent on destroying itself. Many of his paladins followed him on his journey to cleanse the earth, but Ploganox refused. For his betrayal Ploganox was imprisoned.



Plognox is usually depicted as a human man in gleaming armor welding a large hammer. He has also been known to take the form of a large eagle.


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